Selected Publications

  1. Hunzicker-Dunn ME, Lopez-Biladeau B, Law NC, Fiedler SE, Carr DW, Maizels ET.  (2012) PKA and GAB2 play central roles in the FSH signaling pathway to PI3K and AKT in ovarian granulosa cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. [Epub ahead of print Oct 8, 2012] Link to Abstract
  2. Devi YS, Seibold A, Shehu A, Maizels E, Helparin J, Le J, Binart N, Bao L, Gibori G. (2011) Inhibition of MAPK by prolactin signaling through the short form of its receptor in the ovary and decidua: involvement of a novel phosphatase. J. Biol. Chem. 286:7609-7618. Link to Article
  3. Karlsson AB, Maizels ET, Flynn MP, Jones JC, Shelden EA, Bamburg JR, Hunzicker-Dunn M. (2010) Luteinizing hormone receptor-stimulated progesterone production by preovulatory granulosa cells requires protein kinase A-dependent activation/dephosphorylation of the actin dynamizing protein cofilin. Mol. Endocrinol. 24:1765-1781. Link to Article
  4. Maizels M, Mickelson J, Yerkes E, Maizels E, Stork R, Young C, Corcoran J, Holl J, Kaplan WE (2009) Computer-Enhanced Visual Learning method: a paradigm to teach and document surgical skills. J. Grad. Med. Educ. 1:109-113. Link to Article
  5. Alam H, Weck J, Maizels E, Park Y, Lee EJ, Ashcroft M, Hunzicker-Dunn M (2009) Role of the PI3-kinase and ERK pathways in the induction of HIF-1 activity and the HIF-1 target VEGF in ovarian granulosa cells in response to follicle stimulating hormone. Endocrinology 150:915-928. Link to Article
  6. Hunzicker-Dunn M, Maizels ET (2006) FSH signaling pathways in immature granulosa cells that regulate target gene expression: branching out from protein kinase A. Cell. Signal. 18:1351-1359. Link to Article
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