Evelyn_pic My name is Evelyn Maizels, and I have recently completed the Masters in the Biomedical Visualization program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My course of study at UIC has allowed me to merge my interest in art with my scientific background, and introduced me to many new concepts, practices and technologies.

I began taking drawing classes in the Continuing Studies program at the Art Institute of Chicago ten years ago, and have really enjoyed learning traditional drawing skills. I have a particular interest in still life drawings on paper, depicting discovered arrangements of everyday objects. I enjoy working with charcoal, used subractively on toned ground, and oil pastel as a color medium.

I share my interest in art with my son Michael, who studied Studio Art and Philosophy at USC, completed an M.A. in Art History at University of Chicago, and is now pursuing Ph.D. studies in Art History at the University of Virginia. I share many interests with my husband Max, a pediatric urologist at the Childrens Memorial Hospital in Chicago. We read, play chess, have taken yoga classes, and may even learn to tango together.

Contact Evelyn by email: evelyn.maizels@gmail.com